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BLC Feedlot

The company also operates an adjacent feedlot to facilitate live animals from different origin under shelter with full high standard feeding facilities. BLC’s multi-award-winning feedlot is classed as one of the finest facilities within the Middle East.

BLC Abattoir

Located in Sitra operating to the highest global standards, BLC’s abattoir can process over 2000 sheep per day. Fully halal, all procedures are Sharia compliant and carried out by Muslim slaughter men. With best in class facilities, BLC’s abattoir is regarded as one of the finest in the region.

BLC Meat Processing Facility

The Processing Plant is well equipped to process good quality and biosafe meat products to satisfy our diversified customer base. BLC can provide all different meat cuts with packaging as per customer requirement. BLC had implemented excellent Quality Assurance program in place to ensure the safe and hygiene production of meat.

BLC Fleet

BLC owns and operates Ministry approved modern fleet of fully equipped temperature-controlled vehicles. The company’s fleet of refrigerated trucks is specifically designed for transportation of meat carcasses in hanging position and has been independently audited. The fleet also includes liveried delivery trucks providing end-to-end supply chain capability to deliver food products to HORECA sector.

BLC Storage

The BLC also owns and operates fully equipped temperature controlled cold storage facilities.

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